For any questions, please contact us. Our company currently has no business, we operate from Punkalaituma. By contacting us, we can arrange a meeting to present and sell to the desired location.

Our customer service is open by phone on weekdays 10am - 4pm Mon - Fri and Sat 11am - 3pm. By email we are almost always available.

Luxury Second Hand Finland Business ID 2737930-5 and VAT FI27379305

+358413173241 (also Whatsapp)
[email protected]

Information about us

Hey! I am a young man beginning a seventy-Pirkanmaa Punkalaidun. I run my business alongside school and other studies. I became interested in branded goods at a young age, and spent my free time researching luxury goods. One could even say that I am a self-taught professional. I think it makes sense to buy used branded bags and items, even as a nest egg, as they retain their value well and always go on sale. At best, stopping the production of a popular model will lead to an increase in the value of the product. I also think that not having to buy everything new is excellent for the planet and for sustainable development. It is great that the Finnish market for second-hand branded goods has expanded tremendously, and that demand is constantly growing. I hope I can serve you!


Markus Nihti

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